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She's All Yours
Directing She's All Yours

David Reid, Zoe English and Al Connell in Feydeau's She's All Yours

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She’s All Yours is the first twentieth century play we’ve tackled and the preoccupations of the characters seem to chime with our own time: sex, drinking, gambling, gadgets, crime, politics, but most of all it’s a fast, furious and funny comedy about ordinary people trying to get away with extraordinarily bad behaviour. Like our previous productions it’s a piece that was written in the shadow of Molière and the tradition of the “well made play”. A three or four act structure which begins with a seemingly stable situation, but with a secret under the surface. The secret is then exposed and the characters undergo a series of farcical episodes, each more manic and extreme than the last, before some kind of new order is restored. We updated this 1904 text to a stylized 1950s and this was simply to free the play from looking too much like an Edwardian museum piece whilst maintaining an historical context which works with the script. The early 50s was a time of conservatism, where the old order tried to re-establish itself after the catastrophic 1940s, but this flew in the face of increasing prosperity and experimentation in fashion, science and the arts. Note that in the original play Chanal is seen recording his voice onto a wax cylinder, in our version he uses a reel to reel cassette recorder, thus keeping intact the comic business of the first act. Precision is the key for a play of this kind. It’s like a pocketwatch – the flow of the action, from one misunderstanding to another, works because of the attention to detail of the writer, the cogs and wheels of his comedy all moving together under the surface – tightly wound, ready to spring into action. It’s a superior piece of silliness that was hard work to get right, but with a cast that more than met the challenge.

She's All Yours:
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