Next Best Thing productions

by Carlo Goldoni

Next Best Thing productions - Mirandolina

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March 31st to April 2nd 2005
Sheffield University Drama Studio

Simon Atherton
Mike Gordon
David Reid
Zoe English
James Rotchell
Jim Szemeti
Kristin Atherton

Translated by Ranjit Bolt

Produced by: Will Bird, Jim Szemeti and John Rush

Directed by: Will Bird

Five star bed and bawdiness from Italy's master of romantic mayhem! This robust and hilarious staging of Goldoni's 1753 classic "La Locandiera" was another great example of Next Best Thing's policy of bringing neglected classics back into the public eye. Zoe English's title character gamely held the farcical goings on together with warmth and wit, toying with the competing attentions of David Reid's unstable Ripafratta, Mike Gordon's louche Albafiorita and Simon Atherton's nervously foppish Marquess of Forlipopoli. James Rotchell, as Mirandolina's lovestruck dogsbody Fabrizio and Jim Szemeti as Guido, Ripafratta's valet, could only look on in dead-pan disbelief at the bad behaviour of their so-called betters. To add to the confusion an actress, brilliantly portrayed by Kristin Atherton, gatecrashes the party posing as an aristocrat and, in league with Mirandolina, a cunning honey-trap is set. The setting of Mirandolina's cosy inn in Tuscany was well recreated and the wigs and costumes had a sumptuous authentic look to them. With a great score courtesy of Martinu's opera of the play this delightful production had it all: romance, action, orgies and an unfeasibly large sausage.

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